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Celtic Women - A reputation for beauty and as well as strength

Celtic Women
A reputation for beauty, as well as strength

Women’s equality in ancient societies is beyond questionable. In Roman and Greek societies, women had very few rights, and were the property of men. In Celtic societies however, the story was different. Celtic women were known for their courage and beauty, and played a significant role in the Celtic society, and even in battles.



Celtic women had liberty, rights, and were protected under law. Marriage was seen as a partnership, rather than women being owned by their husband. Women had more right to choose their partner, though the families still took part in the process. A woman could not be married against her will, and could own and inherit property independently.



Celtic women were also noted as being strong and formidable, and could be trained to fight with swords and other weapons. It was often recorded that the warrior women of Celtic times were as strong as any man:

“Celtic women are often the equal of any Roman man in hand-to-hand combat. They’re as beautiful as they’re strong,” noted an unidentified roman soldier.

Women could also be ruling queens and military leaders. Perhaps the most notable Celtic leader was Boudicca, who led the last major revolt against the Romans, and had the ability to unite people in revolt.


Celtic Women As Druids

In later societies, Celtic women could become druids, and took their place as poets, healers, and priestesses. Druids had many roles in society, and would even advice kings and queens using the power of prophecy and dreams. They therefore had a role in political affairs, and were often diplomats.


Celtic Jewelry For Women

The women in Celtic society often wore jewelry, including a lot of gold and other fine metals. They adorned themselves with earrings, rings, and torcs.
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