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How to Clean Your Silver Jewellery

How to Clean Your Silver Jewellery


Do you know how to clean your silver jewellery with household items in under 5 minutes? If you don’t, keep reading.

Since we sell mostly Sterling Silver jewellery, we decided to share with you the best method  of cleaning your Sterling Silver jewellery with household items in the shortest amount of time.

This technique works as a mild cleanser that eliminates tarnish without grazing the silver. If your silver is lightly tarnished, the salt bath should take the tarnish right off without leaving any scratches on the surface of the jewellery.

Also, if your jewelry has gemstones, ensure they won’t be affected by being sunk in a saltwater solution. This technique is gentle on most stones, but if you’re cleaning very fine jewelry with expensive gemstones, you might want to take it to a professional. Just in case.

Steps for a perfect shine:

  1. Pour a few cups of hot water (about 70 – 80°C) into a bowl. You will need sufficient water to cover the jewelry you’re cleaning.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of salt into the hot water and stir until it dissolves completely.
  3. Take a sheet of aluminium and sink it into the water.
  4. Take the jewellery and immerse it in the water, on top of the aluminium foil.
  5. Allow the jewellery to sit in the water until the tarnish has disappeared, but not longer than 5 minutes. You can stir it around a bit to see if the tarnish has gone away.
  6. When you see that the silver’ shine has been restored, remove the silver jewellery from the solution.

Why is this happening?

The salt, aluminium foil and hot water create a chemical reaction called “ion exchange”. During this process, the tarnish on the silver is transferred to the foil and leave the silver jewellery looking bright and shiny again.

If the jewellery is very tarnished, you’ll actually see brown tarnish on the aluminium foil.